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Why do we make short films about Good Practices?

3270 Transformador

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El Agora produces short films that highlight examples of communities working to addressing serious problems that they face in their daily lives, as well as the solutions that they generate to resolve them.  The short films also place these innovations in the public sphere and show us new and imaginative methods that communities use to address the problems that they face.

By making shorts documentaries El Agora communicates the concept of Best Practices to a wider public (particularly people who are informed by means of audiovisual media, those without access to published materials on the Practices, and young people, who read less).

A growing number of private, public and civil society organizations are seeking and promoting the detection and transference of BEST PRACTICES.  However, while some practices have been a source of inspiration and/or replication by others, it is impossible to replicate an experience. Each context is unique.

What we can do is exchange tools between organizations and adapt them to our own context.

Watch this video about El Ceibo. Social Environmental Programme, from Buenos Aires (Argentina).

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