El Agora's English Blog

El Agora: like the public square where the Ancient Greeks assembled. An open space for discussion and debate.

About El Agora

El Agora is a non-profit civil association, and a space for action and reflection.  Through our work, we strive to recover the principle of human security as an integrated concept that incorporates and articulates the full range of disciplines implicated in the attainment of a better quality of life.

El Agora aims to strengthen citizenship by democratizing knowledge and participation.  For more than a decade our thematic axes have been: citizen security, youth, legal extensionism, right to health, good practices, and urban governance and development. Working with communities through citizen dialogues, strategic-participatory planning, and translation in the broadest sense of the word, El Agora encourages expression in multiple languages and across networks, in fields such as adult education and documentation of good practices in a variety of media.

Building networks

El Agora promotes and supports network-building grounded in the acceptance of human diversity. Our networks help to conceptualize the problems faced by diverse social actors, and derive alternatives and solutions that address these challenges.  El Agora plays a crucial role in developing public spaces to facilitate these encounters, to encourage dialogue and reflection, and to link intention with action.


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