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El Agora: like the public square where the Ancient Greeks assembled. An open space for discussion and debate.

Best Practices

“Agora” from the Greek word meaning to join; to assemble. A public square where citizens of Ancient Greece gathered to discuss and debate.

El Agora is the sub-regional focal point for Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay within the Ibero-American and Caribbean Forum on Best Practices.  The Forum is a network of institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean dedicated to the identification and exchange of lessons learned from Best Practices.  Its activities include promoting greater use, evaluation and understanding of Best Practices in the region, and involvement of all actors and networks in sustainable development.  The Forum also facilitates knowledge dissemination by implementing thematic seminars and promoting exchange of experiences among experts skilled in the production of training materials, including case studies, newsletters and videos.

The Forum also partners with the Best Practices and Local Leadership Programme (BLP), a global network of government agencies, local authorities and their associations, professional and academic institutions and grassroots organisations dedicated to the identification and exchange of successful solutions for sustainable development.  The BLP was established in 1997 within the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT).

Read more about El Agora´s approach to Best Practices:   El Agora: Citizens for Citizens


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