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El Agora: like the public square where the Ancient Greeks assembled. An open space for discussion and debate.

Communication & Art

El Agora is an interactive space for meeting and discussion to address urban problems.  Our activities reflect our long-term commitment to revive the city as a public space, reduce social isolation and fragmentation, and encourage citizen participation.  We use cultural tools such as literature, visual arts, music, cinema and theater, as well as dialogue, debate and reflection.  We emphasize good practices and narratives; bringing to life human stories, and making visible the actors that contribute to the improvement of our cities.  We believe that improving communication within social projects contributes to public knowledge and understanding of urban problems.  We also foster relationships and encourage dialogue with communities, policymakers, planners, local and national governments, networks, academics, artists, filmmakers and the media.

El Agora disseminates articles and publications in a wide range of fields, including public and international health, strategic planning, networks, social policy, methodology and investigation, project design, migration and inter-culturality.  We also produce audio-visual material, photographic exhibitions and online radio programming featuring contemporary social and artistic content.   Information and Communications Technology is fundamental to our work, and includes networking and publication through our institutional website, as well as online radio, short films, and journals covering our thematic areas.  We use our networks to organize meetings, discuss themes, share files, disseminate newsletters, and invite participation in awards and funding opportunities.


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