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International Health

Our international health program is both a working group and a place to share experiences.  We support the Right to Health for All embodied in the Alma Ata Declaration, which states in part that, “Primary health care is essential health care based on practical, scientifically sound and socially acceptable methods and technology made universal accessible to individuals and families in the community through their full participation and at a cost that the community and country can afford to maintain at every stage of their development in the spirit of self-reliance and self-determination.”

Contrary to the reservation contained in this statement, “at a cost that the community and country can afford,” we believe that the right to health requires us to generate a steady stream of technical, economic and political relationships between countries that aspire to global equity in health.   We believe that the current state of “global health” does not account for the complexity of fragmentation, or the degree of conflict inherent in international relations.   In our globalized world, it is vital that we understand and democratize our knowledge of this very complex field, as well as build links, consensus and solidarity.


Thematic Areas (El Agora, Buenos Aires)

  • Interculturality and Health
  • Integrated Primary Health Care
  • Technical Cooperation
  • Health and Urban Habitat
  • Appropriate Technology
  • Annual Training Course on Integrated Health Care


Integrated Primary Health Care

Over the last three years we have looked at integrated primary health care from a focused and reductionist perspective, and incorporated both research and action.  The Integrated Primary Health Care Group interacts with the University of Canada, the Teasdale-Corti Global Health Research Partnership Program of Canada, the Osvaldo Cruz Foundation of Brazil (Fiocruz), the Regional University of the North Caribbean of Nicaragua, and the Government of the Republic of Salvador.  Its principal emphasis is social and intercultural participation, and it complements other lines of work within in El Agora, such as Interculturality and Health.

Interculturality and Health (edit!)This group works selectively on the interface between health services and Indo-American cultures (indigenous people of the present Argentine territory, as well as migrants from neighboring countries such as Bolivia, Paraguay and Peru.).  We work with the GCBA (Government of the City of Buenos Aires) Training Division, UNICEF and the Union of Migrant Communities in Córdoba

Appropriate Technologies

Here we focus on innovation, design and evaluation of both hard (equipment) and soft (procedures and techniques) technologies, that are suitable for application in health centers and community practices.  We partner with the Instituto Juan Lazarte, the division of maternal and infant health in Córdoba, and the Argentina Federation of General Practitioners (FAMG).  We also have the support of the National Ministry of Health.

Health and Urban HabitatThis line of work intersects the perspectives of the WHO and UN-HABITAT, and aims to find synergies among the various activities aimed at the improvement of urban environment, and the health and living conditions of urban populations.   Our work is underpinned by the massive nature of the phenomena of urbanization and the complexities that this entails.  Our partners are the Fundación Metropolitana and UN-HABITAT.

International Health This is a line of work that is aimed at developing a comparative study of the health systems of Latin American countries, and extends the study of the organization, function and production of international agencies that have a mandate or impact on the health system.

We partner with the Instituto Juan Lazarte, the Advisory Council on Civil Society (SCCS) of the Chancellery Argentina, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and the Latin American Social Medicine (ALAMES).

Annual training course on Integrated Primary Health Care

El Agora offers an annual course of 60 hrs classroom study and 120 creditable hours (directed study and field work) aimed at professionals in health centers in the north metropolitan area and professionals in training (residents and concurrent).  We partner with the Ministry of Health of the Municipality of Vicente López, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), the Private Interdisciplinary Health Education (RIEPS) of GCBA and other municipalities in the northern suburbs.

Linked Groups
El Agora interacts with the Center for Arts and Gender of the National Institute of Art (IUNA).



Revista PoSibles (Online journal on international health.  Available in Spanish only) – http://www.elagora.org.ar/site/posibles/inicio-Posibles.html

El Agora | Salud Internacional (página de El Agora en español) –



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